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April 28, 2023 —

Lifestyle books inspired by the wild

91 editor Caroline highlights three newly published books for Spring 2023 which have been inspired by the wild
Three lifestyle coffee table books which are inspired by the wild
interior of a narrowboat decorated in neutral colours and plants
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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If you’ve got the latest edition of 91 Magazine you will know our theme for the issue was ‘Wild’. We choose this theme partly because we’ve noticed a real shift towards connecting to our environment, whether that is spending time outdoors or bringing the outdoors into our homes.Three lifestyle coffee table books which are inspired by the wild We’ve since spotted lots of lifestyle books also focussing in on this idea, with a variety of approaches. I’ve selected three books which have published this Spring which all aim to connect us to the wild – in fact two of the books even have the same title!

Living Wild by Hilton Carter

How to plant style your home & cultivate happinessLiving Wild by Hilton Carter

This is in fact Hilton’s fourth book which has the word ‘wild’ in the title and there is certainly no denying that he loves to create and style interiors which are abundant in vegetation. In this book he is specifically looks at how to design a home with plants, where we of course must consider light and conditions for the plants to thrive, but also the colours, textures and materials that are the backdrop to your greenery.

Contemporary living room filled with house plants vintage seating in front of exposed brick wall and a large potted plantI particularly liked the section which Hilton called ‘Designer plants’ – mainly because as someone whose had a love of houseplants for many years, it was interesting to see some rare, more unusual plants that I hadn’t seen before, and while the parallels drawn with particular pieces of furniture, textures or patterns didn’t feel necessary, it was still a fun few pages to flick through.

a conservatory / greenhouse space with a dining table and lots of house plants. A drinks trolley surrounded by an abundance of house plants It’s a chunky book that features not only residential spaces but a few commercial spaces too and how plants have elevated them. It concludes with a section on plants for kids’ rooms, which is lovely as I think it’s an area which is often overlooked when it comes to adding houseplants, and bringing that little slice of nature into their spaces is so important.

Plant lovers – this is no doubt another beautiful book from Hilton to add to your collection.

Living Wild by Hilton Carter, published by CICO Books (£35) Photography by Hilton Carter © CICO Books Buy Living Wild by Hilton Carter



Living Wild by Joanna & Oliver Maclennan

New beginnings in the great outdoorsLiving Wild by Joanna and Oliver Maclennan

In the introduction, Oliver touches on how our ever-digitised world is pushing more of us to have a deeper connection with the natural world, and the looming threat of climate change is encouraging a different way of life entirely for some. The book tells the stories of 18 ‘dwellings’ around the world where the inhabitants have chosen an alternative, with varying levels of connection to the modern world. An old railway carriage becomes a home in AustraliaA Norwegian home in the woods

From an old railway carriage in Australia, to a woodland home in Norway, to a camper van in the Scottish highlands, there is a vast selection of structures that house those featured in the book, each with stories of working the land and growing their own as well as running small businesses from their remote locations. Technology and the modern world has not been shunned by all, and in fact, many rely on it to connect them with a way of making a living.interior of a narrowboat decorated in neutral colours and plantsinterior of camper van decorated with natural materials

For me, I love reading about the lives of others, people who have chosen a different path and are making a life for themselves that is rooted in their beliefs and needs. It’s certainly not a traditional interiors book, but there is plenty of inspiration to be found, instead it is a study of who people live in harmony with our incredible natural world.

Living Wild by Oliver & Joanna Maclennan, published by Thames & Hudson (£25) Photography by Joanna Maclennan  Buy Living Wild by Oliver & Joanna Maclennan



Retreats for the Soul by Sara Bird & Dan Duchars

Sustainable and stylish hideaways and havens

Retreats for the soul by Sara Bird & Dan Duchars

This is the third in Sara and Dan’s ‘for the soul’ series. We have previously featured both Homes for the Soul and Gardens for the Soul, so I knew this latest addition would be another lovely read. The featured retreats are split into three chapters – Close to Home, On The Water and In the Wild, but of course, wherever their physical location, each and every space has been inspired by the need to be more connected to our wild environment. Bed and bedside table in a pale palette and natural materials beautiful interior of a narrowboat, with geometric tiles, and soft furnishings

This one is most definitely an interiors book, but incorporates the surroundings that the retreats are set in, from private gardens, to coastal spots and rural woodlands. All take inspiration from their location, from the use of natural materials and the consideration of sustainability. view of bathroom with concrete sink, bare plaster walls and pink decoration. old wooden table decorated with dried flowers and glassware.

As with all of Sara & Dan’s books, this one is filled with beautiful spaces that might either inspire your own rural retreat, or even just give you ideas for turning your home into a more cocooning, cosy and stylish place. And again, I love to hear the stories of the owner’s of each property, whether it’s a private retreat for their own family or a business which they rent out to others.

Retreats for the Soul by Sara Bird and Dan Duchars of the CONTENTed Nest, published by Ryland Peters & Small (£25). Photography by Dan Duchars © Ryland Peters & Small. Buy Retreats for the Soul 

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