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November 7, 2022 —

91 is reading… Create

A peek inside Emily Henson's latest book, Create - a celebration of creative interiors with a focus on sustainability
Create by Emily Henson - interiors coffee table book
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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We are all about creative interiors here at 91, and when I saw the cover of Emily Henson’s new book Create, I knew it would be right up my street! Those pinky, peachy tones with a splash of mustard yellow will look just dreamy displayed on the coffee table! Create by Emily Henson - interiors coffee table bookThe book’s cover tagline says: ‘Inspiring homes that value creativity before consumption’, which again is so inline with our ethos, meaning I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Even if you only buy interiors books to look at the pictures, this one will not disappoint – it is packed full of beautiful photography by Catherine Gratwicke of many gorgeous homes with lots of variation on style and aesthetic and so many lovely ideas to steal. p135 RPS2216 Gaskin Kitchen FINAL 4 scaledp109 RPS2216 RPS 2216 D7 Kemper Kitchen FINAL 056.tifRPS 2216 D7 Kemper Kitchen FINAL 056 scaledBut I do urge you to take the time to read Emily’s words too. With many years in the interiors and design industry under her belt and a collection of previously published books, she knows her stuff, and says she is particularly thrilled to be dedicating a whole book to the concept of “being resourceful and creative instead of always buying new”, particularly as she was brought up on second hand shopping as her mother ran an antique clothing shop.

Emily starts the book by sharing a few tips for unearthing your own style, which many people can feel stuck on. What she says about forgetting the myth of a ‘forever home’ really resonated. Even if you know your home will be where you want to live forever, it doesn’t mean you have to decorate it once and never change things again. This can easily lead to that stuck feeling of wanting to achieve perfection, when actually you can spend your whole life evolving your home and style. This shouldn’t translate as constantly following trends and changing everything accordingly, it can simply be changing a paint colour, or moving things around. Sometimes the simple act of relocating a piece of furniture to a different room can create a new lease of life, both for the furniture and the room! p73 RPS2216 CREATE Buckley2 Hallway FINAL 069 scaled p46 RPS2116 D7 Kemper LivingRm FINAL 030.tifRPS 2216 D7 Kemper LivingRm FINAL 030 scaledThe first part of the book offers lots of inspiration and ideas on things like repurposing and reinventing. This is where your creativity comes into it – seeing how an object could be used in a different way, like these vintage lace tablecloths as curtains, or wooden crates for storage…

It’s worth noting that the homes featured are not all ‘vintage style’ interiors, there are many that have a much more contemporary vibe, where modern art prints are combined with graphic painted motifs and bespoke joinery is contrasted with bare plaster walls. p163 RPS2216 RPS 2216 D4 Stocker LivingRoom FINAL 044.tifRPS 2216 D4 Stocker LivingRoom FINAL 044 scaled p45 RPS2116 RPS D6 Seumeren Kitchen FINAL 048.tifRPS D6 Seumeren Kitchen FINAL 048 scaledThe second part of the book – Stories – is a collection of real-life homes which Emily selected for their creativity and variation in aesthetic and she shares the stories behind the owners and their homes. I always love this section the best as I love to hear more about the people and their space and how they went about creating it.

Whatever your style, or whether you are still working it out, this is a gorgeous book to inspire your interiors, all while encouraging a more planet-friendly approach to furnishing and decorating your home.

Create by Emily Henson publishes on 8th November 2022 by Ryland Peters and Small. (£25)

Pre-order or find in your local bookshop or preferred online book seller.

Photography by Catherine Gratwicke © Ryland Peters & Small

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