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January 14, 2022 —

91 is reading… Enough

91 Magazine reviews Jessica Rose Williams' debut book, Enough, in which she shares her personal experiences and advice on how to simplify life.
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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As we push back against over-consumption and excess, it feels like there is a collective goal to simplify our lives. The more ‘stuff’ we are surrounded by, both physically and metaphorically, the more stress we feel, so cutting back is something many of us seem to be striving for. In Jessica Rose Williams debut book, Enough, she shares her personal experiences and advice on how to simplify life , let go and walk the path that’s truly ours….

Book called Enough on white surface, with dried flowers, incense and cup of tea.

I’ve known Jessica for quite a few years through Instagram initially and later as a contributor to the magazine. I have always enjoyed her writing and been inspired by her approach to living more minimally, so when she shared the news of her book release, I was thrilled for her and also excited to read it and learn more about her theories.

I expected the book to be a practical guide about how to rid yourself of unwanted possessions and how to create a capsule wardrobe, and while it does certainly cover these areas in depth, this book is so much more than that. I would describe it as a memoir crossed with a self help book that delves into all areas of clutter in our lives, including relationships with others and ourselves. Jessica is incredibly open and candid about her own life and the difficulties she’s endured. She is honest about how taking the idea of minimalism too far can have a detrimental effect and how this has shaped the way she now lives.

Inside pages of a book

The first part of the book focuses on ‘Enough Things’ – looking at how to go about decluttering your possessions, cutting back on all those unnecessary objects that are weighing you down. Jessica also covers how to move forward after the big declutter. How do you stop yourself from slipping back into accumulating, how to shop mindfully and how to connect with your own personal taste to guide you with making the right choices. We have all grown up in a world of mass consumerism, being taught that more is better, so changing that mindset can be a challenge. Jessica helps to alter those perceptions, exploring how living with less is freeing and ultimately more meaningful.

In the second section – Enough Space – Jessica covers ideas around relationships with others, how we choose to spend our time and personal life choices such as the decision on whether to have children, for example. We often make our lives more complicated by hanging on to friendships that are no longer working or by doing things we really don’t want to. Throughout the book there is the chance to make notes on your own situation following prompts from Jessica if that is something you will find helpful.

Text inside a book - chapter title - The Truth about Minimalism
Text on the inside pages of a book

In the final section, Jessica explains how there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ minimialism. It is not about having a cookie cutter minimal home that displays none of your personality, or only wearing grey and white clothing. She discusses our relationships with ourselves, both mind and body and she encourages the reader to find their own version of ‘enough’. Jessica’s openness about her own journey is what makes this book so relatable – it is not a self help book that simply tells you what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, but instead is sympathetic of the fact that life isn’t straightforward and humans are complicated.

Enough is a gentle and inspiring read that offers warmth and compassion, while guiding you slowly towards a simpler way of living.

Enough is available now at local bookshops or online. Find out more on Jessica’s website.

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