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August 16, 2021 —

Home tour: Gianna Caputo

For Gianna Caputo, home style isn’t earned without the challenge of doing-it-yourself. From nursery wardrobes to bifold closet doors, Gianna’s toolkit knows no bounds.
Alena Walker
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91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest

In their mid-century one-level home in Spokane, Washington, Gianna lives with her husband, their two children and their two dogs. Moving in three years ago, their 1950s bungalow presented a host of renovation opportunities and the couple jumped at the chance to remodel into a vision of their own. Three months later, defying all setbacks, the couple finished their renovations.

“The house has changed drastically,” says Gianna. “It was basically a fixer upper, but not at a fixer upper price due to the market. We’ve completely renovated every room in one way or another – but each one had setbacks, whether an error on our part, our contractors’ part or an issue with the home itself.”

91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest
91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest
91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest

As a full-time content creator, Gianna’s design eye is honed towards possibility and she has a knack for seeing the potential long before others do. Drawn to the clean lines of their home’s layout, with natural light that pours over hardwood floors, Gianna’s vision manifested into a space of subtle confidence and idiosyncrasy – partly owed to her penchant for DIY.

“I enjoy adding fun elements, like our arch accent wall and fun, whimsy decals in the bathroom and nursery,” says Gianna. Her home style is founded on the blending between modern and thrifted items – and it’s a balance between quality investment and self-expression.

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91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest
91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest

“I love the open shelving in the kitchen and I’m so happy we did,” she says. “The new floors in the sunroom make the space pop, along with vintage and aged pieces that add depth.”

From the faded green colour painted on doors to handmade burlap closet doors, being able to separate the proverbial ‘wheat from the chaff’ is Gianna’s talent. “I became interested in interior design when I was about 11,” reflects Gianna. “I’ve always had a bohemian vibe in that I’ve been drawn to plants and natural textures and I get most inspired by nature and traveling.”

91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest
91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest
91 Magazine -home tour with Gianna Caputo @indie.boho.nest

Looking to her recent DIY endeavour, Gianna took a second-hand candleholder – otherwise porcelain and twee – and turned it into a blank canvas to experiment using green paint and baking powder. The result is a textured matte green holder perfectly at home in her interior scheme of moss, cashew and walnut.

As a South Californian, her lush, pared back taste is complemented by a plethora of plants. A rubber tree, her favourite, stands pride of place next to a pair of wooden crates remodelled into a lounging bench, which she painted a muted mint and styled with an assortment of cushions. For a completely different interior style, one that steps beyond the trends of Instagram, Gianna favours an iteration that’s entirely of her own making.

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