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May 10, 2021 —

91 is reading… Resourceful Living

There is a definite shift happening in the interiors world right now, with the move to more sustainable, planet-friendly living at the forefront of both designers and homeowners minds. There is a clear parallel with the types of interiors books which are being published, and this debut from blogger and writer Lisa Dawson is no exception.
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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Lisa’s first book, Resourceful Living, is a guide on how to revamp your home whilst avoiding waste – buying less and buying well. As the title suggests, it is all about being resourceful; being considered when it comes to decorating, furnishing and styling your home. An avid vintage fan, Lisa of course talks a lot about the benefits of buying second-hand, but she is also an advocate for investing in key pieces that will last a lifetime, repurposing existing items in your home and thinking outside the box.

Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine

Perhaps you raid a family members loft for objects they’ve tucked away but that have sentimental meaning for you. As Lisa says, “I have a fair few pieces in my home that I’ve ‘inherited’ (basically stolen) from my mum.” In essence, the book inspires the reader to consider and investigate all the options when creating a room, rather than just heading for your local flatpack store.

Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine

The first small section of the book is an intro into the concepts involved in this type of sourcing and decorating of one’s home, before swiftly launching into section 2: styling your home. This is the main bulk of the book and focuses in on the various elements – from walls and floors to furniture and art. Lisa then breaks it down into different areas within the home and how they are used, highlighting what should be considered when planning these spaces.

Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine
Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine

Lisa’s own gorgeous home features throughout the book, but she also shares the homes of others who epitomise the idea of resourceful living. The great thing with vintage and second-hand furniture and objects, is that there is a wealth of styles out there, so there is no need to worry about your interior ending up looking like your nan’s house circa 1984 (unless you want it to, of course!) Plus, you don’t necessarily need to trawl flea markets at 5am if that’s not your jam, as these days there are numerous sellers online who will deliver their carefully-curated, preloved pieces right to your door. (Check out this post for a great selection)

Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine
Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - book review by 91 Magazine

Other than the dreamy interiors photography and the excellent advice and inspiration, I think what sets this book apart from other interior books, is Lisa’s writing. Her wit and down-to-earth personality shines through and hilarious anecdotes and surprising stories are scattered through the text, making it a fun read. While the book’s underlying message is a serious one in regards to being kinder to our planet through our consumer choices, Lisa presents it in an uplifting and playful tone, encouraging us to approach our interior design in the same light-hearted way.

Resourceful Living: Revamp Your Home with key pieces, vintage finds and creative repurposing by Lisa Dawson is published by Kyle Books. Photography by Brent Darby. Get your copy now.

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