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August 7, 2020 —

Three 91 creatives to follow – August 2020

We meet three 91 Magazine contributors to find out more about their work and creative lives
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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We’ve been beavering away over the last few months putting together the next issue which has certainly had it’s challenges (more on that at a later date) but as always our team and pool of contributors have been massively supportive and have continued to come up with great ideas and input to make sure 91 keeps ticking over, both online and for the upcoming print magazine. I couldn’t do it without them! So here, I introduce you to a few more of the talented creatives I work with regularly and who are worth checking out on Instagram too so you can glean inspiration directly from them, too.


Over the past few years Kathryn has shot numerous features for us, for the magazine, our e-zine and the blog. Mostly Kathryn has photographed homes and shops for us and her work always has a hint of whimsical to it, while capturing the space beautifully and the personality of the home owner or shop keeper. Do check out Kathryn’s Instagram for more of her work and daily life. Find out a bit more about her below…

Kathryn Taylor - photographer - 91 Magazine contributor
Kathryn Taylor - photographer - 91 Magazine contributor
Kathryn Taylor - photographer - 91 Magazine contributor

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be and why?

Do you remember that programme Creature Comforts where they interviewed normal people about life and then put their voices to animated animals! I found that programme brilliant & fascinating, and remember wondering for a long time about how people got into voice-over work for films and animation. I’d like to think in another life I’d be expressively and artistically frolicking about a booth wearing a stylish headset, about to be transformed into a cat or a famous pig for TV. I think I’d be a hero to my children if I had that job!

What is your biggest career highlight to date?

Getting to be a photographer in “real life” to be honest still feels like a dream some days, but last year I was awarded as one of the top ten finalists in The Brand Stylist’s Phenomenal Photographers 2019 listing. To be placed alongside peers I admired and receive a personal testimonial from Fiona Humberstone was a huge honour and a wonderful personal moment in my career.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

@neekmason – Nicole is one of my most inspirational photographers. Her work is so eclectic and diverse. I love how one day she can be shooting wallpaper and skin care, and the next capturing fashion and people in her very recognisable style. Definitely a huge personal inspiration to me in building a career that’s beautifully broad and uniquely your own.

@elizabethcarababas – Elizabeth captures interiors and architecture in the most gorgeous and rich way and has such a storytelling style. She’s one of my absolute favourites and keeps my dream to shoot interiors abroad one day at the very forefront of my mind.

@annabarnettcooks – during lockdown my love for food grew to a new level (like us all I think!) and Anna creates such scrumptious recipes and gorgeous imagery to go with it. She’s also regularly convinces me that one day I could make fresh pasta all by myself… maybe 🙂

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

I’ve watched the first series of POSE on Netflix three times now. I found I got really invested in each of the characters, and is a true example of the heartbreaking yet empowering fight some people have to be seen and heard in the world. I’d highly recommend if you wish to dig deep into a beautifully creative and diverse community and their stories.

Favourite shop?

I must admit I’ve not thought about shopping for ages, but what I am excited about is my first solo (kiddo free) trip to a cafe! Brunch at @trove_foods is high on my back to school wishlist for sure.

Favourite flower?

Give me a field of wildflowers any day 🙂

Favourite plant?

I recently bought a Devil’s Ivy plant for a slightly shaded corner of my kitchen and luckily he’s happy as Larry there.

Favourite city?

Many years ago we spent New Years in Paris, as you can imagine it was completely magical. The people, the sights, the atmosphere. The champagne by the Eiffel Tower! Memories of pottering through the streets watching artists create and ladies shop, whilst eating “jambon” baguettes – blissful.

HANNAH GAMBIN – 91 events coordinator

Hannah has been part of the 91 team since the start of 2019. When we launched our Seek Inspire Create events in February that year, Hannah became an integral part of the success of those days. Unfortunately we had to cancel the two events we had planned for 2020, so instead Hannah has been dipping her toe into other areas of 91 and will be helping on our exciting anniversary edition for next year. Get to know Hannah a bit more below and why not follow her on Instagram too.

Hannah Gambin - 91 Magazine events coordinator
Hannah Gambin - 91 Magazine events coordinator
Hannah Gambin - 91 Magazine events coordinator

If you weren’t 91’s events coordinator what would you be and why?

I would love to own a vegan cafe one day. I’m always cooking and baking and love sharing what I make with friends and family. Whenever I eat out, I’m intrigued by how things are being done and often wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. A cool space serving delicious homemade food, that’s the dream.

What qualities do you need to be great at event planning and management?

I think being creative is important. Coming up with new and exciting ideas and thinking outside of the box is what I enjoy about event planning. Then comes the organisation and efficiency, a must for managing events.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

@abolajiooo – I’m really into buying second hand and I would love to start making my own clothes one day so Abolaji is so inspiring.

@ainecarlin – Delicious vegan food that always makes me want to get creative in the kitchen.

@_designtales_ – The first place I look when I go online. I love their style!

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

I don’t watch much TV so I’m not into box sets but the last thing I watched back to back was Modern Love – a TV series based on the New York Times column that explores love, relationships and the human connection. I loved it! Now the TV only turns on for our weekly Gardener’s World fix.

Favourite shop?

It has to be Jo’s House in London’s Herne Hill area. Jo has filled her lovely little shop full of gorgeous things, old and new. My ever-growing mug collection started from here.

 Favourite flower?


Favourite plant?


Favourite city?

I’m not really a city lover., but there’s something about Stockholm that I love.


Jessica has written numerous blog posts for us as well as magazine features – you’ll find her talking about discovering your own version of colour in our most recent issue. The focus on her own blog is on simple, creative living and what this girl doesn’t know (and share!) about creating a capsule wardrobe isn’t worth knowing! Go check out her dreamy Instagram feed and discover a bit more about her in our mini interview below.

Jessica Rose Williams - writer - 91 Magazine contributor
Jessica Rose Williams - writer - 91 Magazine contributor
Jessica Rose Williams - writer - 91 Magazine contributor

If you weren’t a writer what would you be and why?

I love what I do so much I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Saying that, I’ve recently been going through a rebrand with my business and it’s reconnected me with my love of design. This was my favourite subject in school but I was discouraged from taking it further as it was ‘quite competitive’. I think I’d love to do something around brand design. Failing that, an international show jumper has always been my fantasy – I blame Jilly Cooper.

What do you love most about your current job?

I love the freedom it gives me. I’ll happily trade most things for more freedom. When I feel free I’m happy and that’s what life is all about for me. Freedom allows me to find joy and creativity in my work. I’m not very good at being told what to do so I love waking up in the morning knowing I’m only answerable to myself.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

@Alex_Elle – for her transcendent words. She motivates me to take really good care of myself and live positively. Her approach is so sensitive and heartfelt, I find myself gravitating to her account regularly. I think most of my saves are her posts.

@Ellemaywatson – for her creative but simple photography. Every photo of Elle May’s makes me feel something and that’s a quality I aspire to. My Pinterest boards for photography and Instagram inspiration are full of her work.

@RosieLondoner – for her down to earth unapologetic fun loving nature. I’ve read and loved Rosie’s blog for years, she’s someone who inspired me to start my own. I love the sheer joy she brings to the platform. I feel like joy can often be the missing ingredient of a beautiful feed these days but she brings an abundance of it.

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

I’ve recently devoured every season of Queer Eye and I could honestly start from the beginning all over again. The joy, storytelling and subtext of love is addictive. I cry at every single episode and it always encourages me to be more accepting of myself.

Favourite shop?

I’m a sucker for a lifestyle store and AB Smaland in Malmo is a firm favourite. I fell in love with Sweden when I went on a press trip there a few years ago. I love their inherent slow culture, love of Fika and of course their swoon worthy taste in home interiors. The linen cushion cover I bought in AB has pride of place in our living room.

Favourite flower?

Roses. I’ve recently added an Emily Bronte rose to our cottage garden and I’m obsessed with it. Roses have a soft, vintage, romantic vibe I can’t resist.

Favourite plant?

Ficus Benjamina because neither one I’ve bought has died on me yet. Got to love a low maintenance plant you don’t have to fuss over when you have as high a kill rate as mine.

Favourite city?

Hands down, Paris. There’s no place like it. The light, the history, the romance – it’s a photographer / writer’s dream. I could wander those cobbled streets until my soles wore thin. My record so far is 29,000 steps in one day and I’d love to beat it.

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