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Small Business Tips

Small Business Tips

How to prepare your independent shop for a photoshoot

Photographer Anna Considine demystifies the process of having your independent shop photographed and what you can do to make sure it goes smoothly...
Small Business Tips

Why self-care is fundamental to running a small business

Choosing to incorporate small acts of self-care into your work day can significantly impact both your wellbeing and that of...
Small Business Tips

Substack: where creativity meets connection

Brand designer, creative mentor and writer Sarah Robertson recently joined Substack and explores how businesses and creatives can benefit from...
Small Business Tips


If you want to elevate your brand photography but need some help, then look no further! Here you'll find a...
Small Business Tips

Understanding photography copyright law

Photography copyright law can be complicated and misunderstood. Photographer Jemma Watts explains how it works to help photographers, small businesses...

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Small Business Tips

How women are bringing community to the world of business

91 contributor Anna Considine investigates the rise in female-led communities amongst the small business world, giving women support, social interaction...
Small Business Tips

4 steps for creating a strong and evocative brand identity

Branding Designer Meg Harrop shares four steps to exploring, developing and implementing your small business brand identity...
Small Business Tips

5 tips for working with a lifestyle book publisher

Dreaming of writing your own lifestyle book? Author Joanna Thornhill shares five tips on working with a lifestyle book publisher
Small Business Tips

11 top tips for email marketing success

Small business marketing expert Victoria Brown shares her top tips for utilising email marketing for your small business ...
Small Business Tips

5 ways to build a better relationship with money and yourself

As small business owners, money is never far from our minds, especially when the economy bites. Emily Armitage - a...
Small Business Tips

Overcoming tough times as a small business

If you are worried about how the cost of living crisis might affect your small business, marketing expert and podcast...
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