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May 8, 2020 —

Three 91 creatives to follow – May 2020

Meet three 91 Magazine contributors who share a little about their own work and creative life
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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Our latest issue – Volume 9 – is out in the world and we’ve had the most wonderful feedback. I’m so pleased you are all enjoying it! Each issue is brought together by not only me, but the most wonderful group of creatives who I couldn’t be more thankful for. They bring their expertise and enthusiasm for 91 to every single edition. Now and then I like to introduce you to a few of these fabulous folk with a mini chat to find out a bit more about them. I do hope you will go give them a follow too!


Nicky joined our editorial team nearly a year ago, becoming our deputy editor as well as running her own styling business Someday Studio. Nicky’s first issue with us was Volume 9 and she has been a wonderful support to me, particularly over recent weeks as we navigate how to bring together Volume 10 during this difficult time of Covid-19. Check out some of Nicky’s styling work below and follow her on Instagram. We chat below…

Nicky Guymer - 91 Magazine deputy editor
Nicky Guymer - 91 Magazine deputy editor
Nicky Guymer - 91 Magazine deputy editor

If you weren’t a stylist (and 91’s deputy editor!) what would you be and why?

I would love to be the prop maker on movies. It all started when I watched the film Se7en – remember all those crazy notebooks created for Kevin Spacey’s character? It blew my mind that someone would have had to create that level of detail just for the film.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

Only 3?! Blimey. Ok, well when I fire up Insta, these are the first accounts I click on.

@houseinhabit – Jessica’s craft projects have got us through lockdown but really it’s her house that keeps me coming back for more. Largely remodelled by her incredibly handy husband, he appears to wake up and completely reconfigure whole rooms by sundown, with seemingly very little stress and a envy-inducing design eye. It’s enough to make husbands around the world feel woefully inadequate! She’s also a big fan of the British Royal Family and her commentary is hilarious.

@s.t.u.d.i.o.1.9 – My friend, Mia’s design agency is South Africa. She’s such a clever bean. But look at her own house tour in her Story Highlights to see why she’s a must-follow. During lockdown she’s been trawling her design archives and it’s amazing to see the journey of her company and how she’s refined her style over the years.

@maandpartners – Mega interiors inspiration. I think I have more saved pictures from this account than any other.

Top tip for aspiring stylists? 

Hone your own style so you are the reason why someone hires you over anyone else. It makes promises easier to keep if you’re not trying to be everything to everyone.

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

I just finished Unorthodox, which I thought was absolutely incredible. There’s a quick 20 minute programme on the making of it, which is equally fascinating – especially how they improvised the making of the shtreimels…see, it’s my props fascination coming out again!. Alas, now I’m back to Netflix-paralysis of what to start next. Recommendations, please.

Favourite shop?

It’s no secret that I adore Bali and would move there in a heartbeat, given the chance. The shopping there is amazing and my absolute fave is @cove_island_essentials – half clothing, half homewares, it’s a store made of polished concrete floors covered in vintage kilims, bare plaster walls with trinket nooks and the palest of pink front doors. Frankly, I could move in. Online it doesn’t look ‘all that’, so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one!

Favourite flower?

Bougainvillea. The flower of holidays.

Favourite plant?

Marshland grasses. I’m obsessed with estuaries; where the land meets the water, especially under big skies.

Favourite city?

It might be because I’ve lived in London for 25 years, but cities are not something I crave when I travel. When I do visit, they have to be entirely different from what I know; favourites are Marrakech in Morocco or Stone Town in Zanzibar.


Jemma has been shooting for 91 Magazine for many years, right back when we first started out online in fact! Her first shoot for us was an Easter table setting feature in 2012 and her most recent was the home of Heju founders Helene & Julien in Paris which features in Volume 9. Jemma has also hosted some in-person workshops with me in recent years and in March she did a Creative Session in photography for us too. You can check out more of Jemma’s work and follow her on her Instagram.

Jemma Watts - 91 Magazine photographer
Jemma Watts - 91 Magazine photographer
Jemma Watts - 91 Magazine photographer

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be and why?

This is difficult because I’ve wanted to be a photographer for as long as I can remember! If I had to be anything else I think I would like to be an interior designer. I’ve been obsessed by homes ever since I was a small girl, my mum would always find me wandering around her friend’s homes being nosey when I was small! I’ve really enjoyed renovating and styling homes that I have lived in.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

@lucylaucht – her photography is stunning and she travels to the most beautiful places. I’d love to have her commissions!

@mydomaine – pure property obsession! The page shows amazing homes and buildings from all over the wo Love Frankierld.

@eastlondonmornings – reminds me of my time living in East London.

Top tip for aspiring photographers?

Photography must be your passion. It is a tough industry to succeed in these days due to the rise in digital technology causing fierce competition, so you must really love taking photos to pursue this as a career. Probably the most important piece of advice I can give is you to have a good business brain as well as a creative talent. You will not be taking photos all the time, so much time is spent marketing and promoting your business. In fact, I’d say that only 20% of your time is spent with a camera in your hand!

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

I’m catching up with the last series of The Handmaids Tale, and I’ve just finished DEVS, which was pretty weird!

Favourite shop?

This is difficult! The shop I’m enjoying perusing at the moment is Love Frankie@lovefrankiedotcom. The products are fun and I really like the jungle and animal print wallpapers!

Favourite flower?


Favourite plant?


Favourite city?

San Francisco


Hels is a fellow independent magazine editor, publishing both Lionheart and now a kids magazine called Leopard. I am in awe of how she manages to create two magazines while also being a mum to her three children! She also manages to find time to write for 91 Magazine too! Most recently she wrote the home tour with Zoe Peasrson for us which appears in Volume 9. Follow Hels on Instagram for more about her magazines and family life.

Hels Martin - writer and editor
Hels Martin - writer and editor
Hels Martin - editor and writer

If you weren’t a writer/editor what would you be and why?

As well as telling and reading stories, I absolutely loved drama when I was younger; I can still remember my lines from playing Beverley in Abigail’s Party when I was 16! “You alright, Sue?” I love thinking about characters – how they move, talk and think, their interaction with others, what they’re wearing, feeling and what motivates them in each scene. Later, I wanted to be a lawyer, then live and work on an island somewhere – anywhere – with wind and sun. When I was at university, I wanted to run a book cafe on the Cornish coast with music and open air film evenings, hot cinnamon doughnuts and wine. However, although my cakes have improved, I think stories are where my heart gallops most, they are often immersive, sometimes very transformative and everyone has a story – so to combine my love of writing and drama (and actually cafes), is it OK to say author of fiction? I mean, that would be a dream and feels so far away right now! If that’s too close to my current, I’d say botanist (though my mathematical modelling isn’t too strong), historian, snorkelling guide or psychologist.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers & why?

@iamlaurajackson for food and interiors

@hotpatooties for laughs and real heart

@subliming.jpg for thought provoking ideas

Top tip for aspiring writers/editors?

Read and write! The most essential thing, read all the books you can and write diaries, blogs, long rambling essays, whatever, just write. Find your voice and style, connect with words and how they make you feel. Try and articulate the world around you and make sure to notice that world around you too, the tiny details and the big picture. None of us know The Answers to Life, but wondering, documenting and questioning keeps our eyes and hearts open, I think. So then, if you can write about something or someone and it rings true somewhere somehow, for you, for someone else, that’s goodness right there. Build on it, write more.

What is your TV box set obsession right now?

This is Us – series 3. Best TV series since Mad Men, I think. However, I just watched Unorthodox and I’m going to revisit Fleabag series 1 and 2.

Favourite shop?

I think Bristol is so fortunate with so many strong independent shops that not only support makers and other small businesses, but also the local community often with workshops, events etc. I really love BAM, as well as Good Store Studio and Mon Pote. Further afield Magalleria in Bath, Sister’s Guild in Frome, Alice in Scandiland in Lostwithiel and online only Blostma and Merewif and Sleepy Doe. Sorry, that’s loads, but still only a tiny number! I’ve recently purchased online from most of these and they all put so much care into absolutely everything they do, very special.

Favourite flower?

Peonies (tropics in England – classic I know, but I love and have one on my table right now and it’s bellowing pink petals at me!), hydrangeas, roses and anenomes – I can never answer just one on anything can I?!

Favourite plant?

Oxalis triangularis – aha!

Favourite city?

I do love Bristol, but New York blew me away. I also love Bordeaux, Lisbon and San Sebastian!

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