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September 16, 2019 —

91 is reading… Plant-based beauty

We take a look inside Jess Arnaudin's Plant-based Beauty to discover how to make our own skincare products at home
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to this kind of non-fiction book recently. Those that offer knowledge and advice for applying a little bit of self care to your life, while at the same time creating a lifestyle that is kinder to the planet – something many of us have being focusing our attention on.

Plant based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin - book review on 91 Magazine

Plant-based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin kinda does what it says on the tin. It is a guide to converting your beauty routine to an all natural one, cutting out all those ingredients that are in many beauty products that we can barely even read, let alone know what it is. Jess’ story is an interesting one – from working in a popular spa on Fifth Avenue in NYC, to spending a month living on an organic farm to becoming a natural skincare therapist and writing this book.

Plant-based Beauty book

Jess makes it all sound so simple and straight-forward and there is a sense of realisation that we’ve been making things so complicated for ourselves with so many different lotions and potions. The book isn’t just a collection of recipes though, it goes in to the philosophy behind it and reminds us that our skin needs taking care of from the inside out; it’s often what we put in to our bodies that causes our skin distress. She has included recipes for some ‘beauty beverages’ to help improve our gut health, including cashew milk, turmeric latte and a cucumber lime refresher with chia seeds.

Plant based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin - book review on 91 Magazine
Plant based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin - book review on 91 Magazine

There is plenty of practical information on how to build your collection of ingredients to start making your own oils, masks, exfoliators and bath soaks, and what I particularly love is that nothing is hugely complicated. Many of the ingredients are things you may already have in the kitchen cupboard and buy regularly. For example, one of the recipes for a face mask simply involves mushing up some strawberries and mixing with yoghurt! What could be simpler?! Just don’t put it on when you are feeling hungry!

Plant based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin - book review on 91 Magazine
Plant based Beauty by Jess Arnaudin - book review on 91 Magazine

We all know that plants are the way forward in terms of our diet and it’s clear that natural remedies are best for our skin and general health too – so this book is a little gem to get you started on your toxin-free journey. What’s more, by making your own products you will be cutting down on waste in your bathroom too. What’s not to like?!

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