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December 8, 2023 —

Shopkeeper Spotlight: Studio Bloom

With a background in floristry and graphic design, Luzi Olpp’s creativity continues to blossom with Studio Bloom; a small concept store in Freiburg, Germany which sells her handmade wares, and lovingly sourced homeware, stationery and more from independent designer-makers.
Pastel cushions, blankets and home decor inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom
Luzi Olpp inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom
Shelley Welti
91 Magazine online content editor,


Simone Schuldis
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Hi Luzi, tell us a little about your history and what led you to open the Studio Bloom store… 

I completed my training as a florist in 2008 and gained an incredible amount of experience, which meant I was able to manage a store early on and work independently.

After a few years of professional experience, I began studying as a graphic designer. I wanted to continue to explore and develop myself creatively; my way to combine craftsmanship and digital work. This knowledge helps me a lot with design and working with the online shop.

During my parental leave, I devoted myself more and more to my own projects and founded Studio Bloom. It started small and gradually grew larger, so that my home office room was bursting at the seams with shipping boxes and materials.

The moment came when I suddenly realised that it was time for the next step and that Studio Bloom needed its own premises. The idea of ​​setting up a shop with my handicrafts and other brands grew bigger and bigger, and with a lot of patience and a bit of luck, this beautiful space in the Wiehre came to me at the right time. It took a really long time but it was so worth it.

Luzi Olpp outside lifestyle concept store Studio BloomInside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg GermanyInside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg Germany

How did you decide on the name?

Since I didn’t know exactly what direction I wanted to go with my brand, I didn’t want to leave out the flower reference entirely. My product range varies and I didn’t want to limit what else can be created when it comes to my work, so Studio Bloom incorporates all of these elements.

How would you describe the interior style of the store?

The style is very colourful mixed with influences from Scandinavia. I built the shelving myself, with the help of a friend. It is very timeless and paired-back, so that the products are clear and visible.

Sunlight reflecting on the exterior of lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom

Inside lifestyle concept store Studio BloomSS Studio Bloom 91 magazine 3

What is the neighbourhood like around the store?

The store is in an old urban area. I have a wonderful café with its own patisseries directly opposite (Förster Max) which is always very busy. The neighbourhood is happy to have a small shop in the area. It’s a very friendly neighbourhood with lots of great customers.

Tell us about the range of products you stock… 

I sell self-made handicrafts and many products from small brands in my shop ranging from jewellery to home decorations, paper goods to skincare. I try to offer a beautiful and colourful selection that you can buy, whatever your budget. There are also a few well-known Scandinavian design brands and special products from all over the world.

Inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg Germany

Glass vase and dried pink grass inside lifestyle concept store Studio BloomColourful stationery inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom

What does a ‘normal’ day look like for you?

My field of work is really very diverse and that’s what I really love. First, I check whether the store is clean and restock. Then, I pack web shop orders, order goods and put new wares online and in the store. Then I prepare my handicrafts and pack orders from my own brand that I distribute. I try to prepare work for my team so that when they come in, they know what they have to do.

How do you choose your wares?

Most of the time I choose products that aren’t available everywhere and which appeal to me because of the colour. I love stocking a mix of interior products, stationery, ceramics and jewellery. You can also find a few children’s things and beautiful decorative objects in my range.Inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg Germany


Inside lifestyle concept store Studio BloomInside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg Germany

Which item is your bestseller? Why do you think that is?

My own manufactured jewellery products are doing very well, as are textile home accessories, paper goods and ceramics from small brands.

What items are your personal can’t-live-without?

Handmade ceramic cups and great glass vases and, of course, fresh flowers.

Independent books inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom

Luzi Olpp inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom with crochet textured cushionsInside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom in Freiberg Germany

What do you enjoy most about running the store?

I enjoy the personal contact and exchange with my customers, as well as decorating and arranging the goods in the store. I missed that a lot when I only sold online!

What has been your career highlight (so far!)?

Getting the store; planning and opening it by myself!

Pastel scarves and colourful bags inside independent lifestyle store Studio Bloom

Luzi Olpp inside lifestyle concept store Studio Bloom

What do you wish you’d known before opening Studio Bloom? 

Overall, it’s an enormous amount of work and I can only manage the workload because I enjoy it so much and my family supports me a lot (my husband and I share childcare and working days so that it always remains fair).

Dreikönigstraße 44, 79102 Freiburg, Germany


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