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November 21, 2022 —

From the cutting room floor – Volume 13

A little bit about how we go about choosing the images that make the cut in the print magazine, while sharing a few from the cutting room floor of Volume 13
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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I had planned to share a few images ‘from the cutting room floor’ of Volume 14, when I realised I hadn’t yet done this for Volume 13! As 13 was such a lovely issue and we had so many great shoots, I didn’t want to miss it out, so better late than never!

If you are familiar with these posts, you’ll know it’s basically a collection of images that didn’t quite make it into the print issue from the various photoshoots we produced. I’m sure some of you might look at these images and wonder ‘why on earth didn’t they use that lovely pic in the mag?!’ Well, the truth is, there is more to it that just selecting the ‘best’ shots. As my background is in picture editing, I spend ages agonising over which images make the cut, and there are various criteria for the choices.

It is very much about getting a balance – the images all have to work together on the page. Obviously, they all need to complement each other aesthetically, in terms of colour and subject matter, but then I also aim to get a mixture of straight-on and angled shots, wider shots and closer in crops. It also depends very much on the layout my designer has created – she always designs the initial layout, selecting images from the shoot, but then once we are at the editing stage, I will tinker with the image choices until I am happy with the final edit.

So, there are always images that we can’t fit for whatever reason, so here we have some of those shots that I did really love, but had to leave out. Rather than leave them languishing on my laptop never to be seen, it’s an extra dose of interior eye candy! Feel free to pin them on your Pinterest boards so you can find them again and of course share with others, too.




A-Small-Home-Home-Tour-91-MagazineAbove: Our cover story from Volume 13 – The home of The Small Home founder Ayesha McCormack – Photographed by Jemma WattsAliceWalker HelenaDolbyIMG 9360 2 AliceWalker HelenaDolbyIMG 9527 2 AliceWalker HelenaDolbyIMG 9636 2 AliceWalker HelenaDolbyIMG 9426 2Above: The home of stylist Alice Walker – photographed by Helena DolbyHannah Argyle 48 scaled Hannah Argyle 29 scaled Hannah Argyle 15 scaledAbove: The home of photographer Hannah Argyle – photographed by Kasia Fiszer Zoe 91 magazine 13704 scaled Zoe 91 magazine 13709 scaled Zoe 91 magazine 13706 scaledAbove: The home of Instagrammer Zoe Hooley – photographed by Alexandra Wallace91 Venetian 020 91 Venetian 139 91 Venetian 184 91 Venetian 224Above: The home of Martina of The Venetian Pantry – photographed by Jemma WattsHarp studio volume 13 4 Harp studio volume 13 5 Harp studio volume 13 1 Harp studio volume 13 2Above: The home and studio of Justine Cook – photographed by Justyna Kulam

I hope you enjoyed that little visual feast from the cutting room floor of Volume 13. If you haven’t got a copy of this issue yet, make sure you grab one before they’ve all gone, I think it’s one of my favourite editions. 🙂

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