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August 14, 2020 —

Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander

In the Albuquerque desert, New Mexico, No Longer Wander provides a plant haven for lovers of both botanics and homeware.
Shelley Welti
91 Magazine online content editor,
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With it’s green, relaxed boho style, the store has homely vibes – giving plenty of dreamy interior inspiration. We chat to owner Latisha Carlson (known as Tish), to hear about No Longer Wander’s journey so far and why she’s got rid of knick-knacks and replaced them with plants…

91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -

When and why did you decide to open No Longer Wander?

Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel and in every city, I experienced so many beautiful shops like retail, coffee, and cocktail bars. Along the way, my love for design grew and my design to create beautiful art, photography and spaces increased as well. I lived in Arizona for a year, worked with small businesses and realised how much fun it would be to open my own. It seemed like a far-fetched, random dream. When I moved back home to the Albuquerque desert, I saw an opportunity to open up my own shop. I started in a community space and that then extended into my own space and now I am in an even larger space! I wanted to take all that inspired me over the years and open a shop that would inspire others to pursue dreams and make their own homes and spaces a place that they loved to be in.

What had you done before? Did any of these skills help?

Prior to opening up this space, I was running a photography business. I spent years photographing people, love, adventure and that was used to take me to new places. Being a photographer definitely benefits the shop on the visual side as I’m able to show those around us what we have curated and what we do and it then inspires others. Along the way, I also fell in love with interior design and have been able to apply that to choosing how the shop is designed and curated.

91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque
91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -

How did you decide on the name?

My husband actually came up with the name. The name started as just my personal journey of being an influencer and it grew to represent the shop. My husband shared with me that he loved to see how I was always seeking to make our home a place for us, our friends and even strangers, to feel comfortable, welcomed and inspired. So he thought “No Longer Wander” – this is home. So it seemed to make sense to name the shop the same. I had the same heart behind what I was already doing and wanted to extend that with a retail space.

How would you describe the interior style of the store?

I would say there is a nod to the southwest, bohemian and jungle vibes. It’s a mix of styles that I love.

91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -
91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -

You’re passionate about plants and botanical living – why is this so important to you?

I grew up with my mom who loved outdoor plants. Over the years and into adulthood, I did like them, but it wasn’t until living in Arizona did I realise how much I really loved them. We lived in a tiny town home that quickly became a jungle which has stuck with me ever since. I find that plants give me life. I have gotten rid of knick knacks and have replaced them with plants. They inspire me, give off fresh air and they make everyone happy!

How do you source your wares?

I have sourced items through people I follow, through travelling and through other shops that inspire me. I have also intentionally sought artists out.

Do you create anything in-house?

We do and continue to seek to create more. We have pots, necklaces, incense holders, cutting boards, coffee tables and more. We have more in the works.

91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -
91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -

Which item is your bestseller? Why do you think that is?

Plants! Plants! Plants! I think people are finding that plants make them happy!

What do you enjoy most about running No Longer Wander?

I love seeing people inspired.

What has been your career highlight (so far!)?

The first thing that came to mind is knowing that Design Love Fest came into the shop. To me, it was a big deal that my shop was on her list when she came through New Mexico.

What is the neighbourhood like?

Small businesses are slowly popping up in our Albuquerque community. I believe our city can do better, but there are people rising up to help us do better. I believe that our city is growing and changing for the best. Small business is new to our city, but it has been cool to watch the changes. Changes, of course, come with challenges, but that is how we grow. No Longer Wander is in a rundown strip mall that is being revitalised. There is a rad little barber shop, a delicious doughnut shop, a screen printing shop, soon to be modern vintage shop and we look forward to what the future holds.

91 Magazine Shopkeeper Spotlight: No Longer Wander, Albuquerque -

Do you have any advice for those thinking of starting their own store?

Don’t let fear hold you back. Don’t let the unknowns hold you back from pursuing a dream. Of course there are risks, but jump in. Do your best and more. It’s a beautiful thing to pursue dreams!

And any top tips for those starting their plant journey?

Snake plants are an easy one! They can handle low light and they only need water every two weeks.

Surprise: Large plants are good, too! They are well-established so they are harder to kill. Not many people talk about that. They are beautiful and make a statement for your space. So don’t hesitate with the big ones!

Find No Longer Wander at 10301 Commanche Blvd #3 Albuquerque and online via their website and Instagram.

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