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August 4, 2017 —

91 is pinning…. vignette styling

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Whether it’s a sideboard, a mantelpiece, shelving or a bed side table, all of these surfaces need some level of styling to make them look good, and they can often be the trickiest of spots to get right. When you scroll through Pinterest, a great vignette usually looks effortless, hence lulling you into a false sense of security that it will be simple, only to discover it’s not as easy as you thought! So, we thought we’d unpick some of these Pinterest-perfect vignettes and find out exactly what it is that makes them work so well….

Photo: Nicole Franzen

Photo: Nicole Franzen

If in doubt, use plants. Nearly ever vignette on the whole of Pinterest has at least one house plant in it! And some have lots. If you go with a selection, then opt for plants of different heights, and make sure to put them in complimenting pots. 

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Photo: Cathy Pyle for 91 Magazine

Books are essential. This is why books will never die out. As well as the fact that reading something in print is much more superior, they are also an essential item for styling! Whether you use a few of your favourite lifestyle books or some of those gorgeous classics with the pretty covers, they are great for adding height to a display. Furthermore, dependent on the books, there’s the potential for injecting colour and pattern into the vignette too. 

Photo via SF Girl by Bay

Photo via SF Girl by Bay

Scale is of utmost importance. On a small bedside shelf like this, it cries out for small decorative items to adorn it. There is still a variation in scale here, but overall everything is quite petite. Trying to squeeze a large framed print, or a big plant pot on here would look hugely unbalanced. 

Photo: Holly Marder

Photo: Holly Marder

Consider the colour palette. A great colour palette is the secret to any great interior, let alone a great vignette! Keep this in mind when selecting the items you are going to display together. These natural earthy tones all work so well and also contrast with the sleeker green unit. But of course, have fun with it too, and feel free to throw in a pop of neon like in the bedroom shelf image above. 

Photo: The Future Kept

Photo: The Future Kept

Use artwork as a backdrop. Your vignette will look a bit flat without giving it a bit of depth, and one way to do this is by casually leaning a framed print or photograph against the wall, or hanging it (or them) just above. Mirrors are also a good option, or you can simply tape a few favourite postcards or pictures to the wall, and change them around as and when. 

Photo via It's a House

Photo via It’s a House

Trial and error is key. The best thing about creating vignettes is nothing is permanent. It’s not a big decision like paint colours or choosing furniture, so just have fun with it and try different things. Play with scale, vary height, test out colour combinations, add things, take things away…. Try taking photos of different arrangements and then compare to see which works best visually. 

TOP TIP: A more minimal display will be much easier and less time consuming to clean than a overly cluttered surface! 😉 

For more inspiration for your vignette styling, pop over to the 91 Magazine Pinterest page

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