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February 1, 2016 —

Meet the 91 team : Caroline Rowland (Editor)

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Image by Kasia Fiszer.

Image by Kasia Fiszer.

We thought that we’d introduce you to the members of our brilliant new 91 Magazine team. First up is Founder and Editor, Caroline Rowland. You can find out about Caroline’s career to date, and how she came to found 91 Magazine, over on our about page, but do read on to discover some of her stories and secrets (including a rather surprising talent!)…

Tell us about your morning routine… I’m not the best at getting out of bed in the morning, so I’m very lucky that my hubby doesn’t mind getting up first and getting Ruby up for her breakfast, which is usually around 6:30-6:45am. I then get up about 7am and join them for a cup of tea and something to eat. Then we all get ready and, depending on whether Ruby is at the child minder or not, I’ll either take her there for 9am and then come home to work, or if she’s not, we might go to a playgroup, or go for a walk.

Other than 91 Magazine (of course!) what do you like to read? I don’t get much free time to read, but when I do I like checking out other indie magazines such as Betty or Oh Comely. I also subscribe to Mollie Makes who I’ve done lots of work with in the past, and I enjoy The Simple Things too. I always have to read my Kindle in bed before I go to sleep, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. I’ve just finished The Girl on the Train, which I loved.

via 91 Magazine Instagram

via 91 Magazine Instagram

Describe a corner of your home that you particularly love. I have a chair in Ruby’s bedroom, which we have spent a lot of time sitting in over the last year and a half since she was born! Either feeding her when she was small, or trying to get her to sleep. Now that she is older I really enjoy sitting there with her reading her bedtime stories, and I love that this special time with her will continue for a few years. 

If you could be whisked away for the weekend to any destination in the world, where would you chose? Oh! That is so tough! There are SO many places I’d love to be whisked off to! At the minute though, I am really keen to visit the Scandinavian countries. There is such a huge Scandi influence on interiors at the moment, so I’d love to visit some of the gorgeous shops there, but I’d also love to see some of the their beautiful landscapes too. 

What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given? As a child my mum used to say ‘Be sure your sins will find you out’ Maybe more of a warning than advice! But it’s very true, and it’s generally always kept me on the straight and narrow. 

What’s your radio tuned to? Usually Radio 1, but recently my hubby has been switching it to Classic FM… sign of our age!! 

What’s your most treasured flea market find? I have a few, but I do love the tiny tin which we had our wedding rings in for our ceremony. It says ‘Keep this for my sake ‘ on the lid. I found it at Spitalfields market a few months before the wedding, and knew it was perfect. 

What was the last thing that you made by hand? Probably Christmas decorations! I haven’t had much time for crafting since Christmas as I’ve been so busy with getting the new 91 Magazine website ready! 

via 91 Magazine Instagram

via 91 Magazine Instagram

What are your home styling essentials? I love vintage books and ephemera. Books with beautifully worn spines are great for adding height to a display, and old postcards and other paper goods add interest and texture to wall displays. And of course plants and flowers are a must!  

Can you share a tip for other creative freelancers? It sounds clichéd, but simply ‘follow your dreams’ – if you want to do something then just give it a bash! I never expected that the blog I started as a hobby would lead to me publishing a magazine and a book, so you just never know where a small seed of an idea might take you. 

Some quick fire questions…

Tea or coffee? Tea

Early bird or night owl? Night owl

Summer or Winter? Summer

Twitter or Instagram? (Who do you follow?) Instagram – I follow way too many people and struggle to keep up! 

Favourite flower? Coral peonies, which I had for my wedding bouquet. 

Finally, tell us a secret or something surprising about yourself. I’m really good at doing the limbo! 

Thank you Caroline! Next month, we’ll be finding out more about Deputy Editor Laura Pashby.

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