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November 7, 2016 —

3 e-courses for creatives

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As a creative, it can be hard to stay inspired, to make connections with others, and to access the knowledge that you need in order to allow your online portfolio to blossom. Luckily, there are some fantastic opportunities available for learning online. E-courses are the perfect way to develop your abilities, pick up new skills, and meet communities of fellow creatives.

With an e-course you can learn at your own pace, in your own time, and on your own terms. You’re able to access a selection of online and email resources, the expertise of the course leader and often also the creative input of your classmates. You should finish a course feeling energised and focussed. 

We at 91 have to confess to something of an e-course addiction: there’s always something new to be learned, right? Here’s our pick of some that we think you’ll love…

Image by Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla)

Image by Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla)

Image by Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla)

Image by Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla)

The Insta- Retreat

This brand-new offering from ‘Instagram Queen’ Sara Tasker is a groundbreaking six week e-course for creatives that promises to unlock the secrets of Instagram success. Building on Sara’s popular ‘Instagram Tips’ blog series, and her free e-book, 7 Days to a Better Instagram, The Insta- Retreat is what Sara describes as ‘a whole brilliant box of magic tricks’. Here you’ll find unique advice and ideas including the tried and tested techniques that Sara used to grow her impressive following on Instagram.

“In the last three years”, says Sara,  “I’ve used Instagram to grow a 140k audience, launch a business, open doors to a world of opportunities and changed my entire life. I wanted to create a course that took people on the same journey I’ve travelled – to simplify that learning curve and take you from having a dream and a good eye for a picture, to having this amazing portfolio of your life and work that sells, engages and communicates for you. 

With the increase in shady tactics and fake follower counts, it feels more important than ever to be telling people how they can grow and flourish without cheating or selling out. There is so much you can do, once you understand the system. We’re getting under the bonnet of Instagram, to really understand how it ticks.”

The first Insta-Retreat class smashed Sara’s upper limit and sold out in a day, and the waiting list for the next one is filling up fast. Get on the list or see more information at

Image by Xanthe Berkeley (@xantheb)

Image by Xanthe Berkeley (@xantheb)

Image by Xanthe Berkeley (@xantheb)

Image by Xanthe Berkeley (@xantheb)

Make Films

This jam-packed course from photographer and film-maker, Xanthe Berkeley teaches all the techniques you need for making short films to share online. It includes weekly video tutorials from Xanthe, whose encouraging and enthusiastic wisdom will leave you inspired, and raring to start filming.

With weekly prompts and inspiration, the ten week MAKE FILMS course looks at different shooting & editing techniques, and the various stories you can tell through making mini films for Instagram or to share online. 

MAKE FILMS is packed with tips and tricks, focusing on making a different type of film each week: from stop motions to time lapses, slow mo stories and video portraits to ‘scenes from the weekend’ films.  Each week will focus on a different prompt or a shooting/  editing technique, which you will practice while creating your film. There will be guidance for shooting, with tips and examples of what and how to shoot. The weekly prompts help to spark your creativity through experimentation and play.

You can see more information about Make Films, and Xanthe’s other e-courses at

Press the play button above to see some examples of Xanthe’s work and if this leaves you feeling inspired to learn how to make some stop motions of your own, remember that Xanthe is teaching stop motion workshops at our West Elm Pop Up in a few weeks time. You can book a slot here.

Image by Kim Klassen (@kimklassen)

Image by Kim Klassen (@kimklassen)

My Still Sunday

Lifestyle photographer and stylist Kim Klassen specialises in beautiful and soothing still life images. She drew on her vision for #mystillsunday – the successful hashtag that she hosts on Instagram – to create this course with which to share her inspiration and the processes that she uses in taking her gorgeous photographs.

“Almost by accident, and and over time” says Kim, ” I discovered that still life photography had become my meditation.
It has, and it continues to, calm the chaos.  It fills my creative soul.”

The My Still Sunday class focuses on taking time to be, to see, and to create beautiful still life photos. No matter what style you long to shoot, still life photography is an excellent way to learn and grow as a photographer. Stillness removes the rush, allowing more time to think about your process, the settings, and the light.

The course includes: tips, tricks and suggestions for making stills; personal reflections from Kim’s creative journey; and thought-provoking photography prompts, combining inspiration with instruction on still life techniques.

My Still Sunday is focussed on taking and making tiny pockets of quiet to capture beautiful still moments. You can join today and get instant access to this sixteen week still life class at

Image by Kim Klassen (@kimklassen)

Image by Kim Klassen (@kimklassen)

How about you? Are you an e-course addict, or are you new to the concept of learning online? Are you tempted to give one of these courses a try? We’d love to know.



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