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September 30, 2022 —

91 is reading… The Unkillables

If you are a serial plant killer, but still crave greenery in your life, then this is the plant care book for you...
91 Magazine editor Caroline Rowland
Caroline Rowland
91 Magazine
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Looking after house plants can be hugely rewarding, but equally, it can be massively frustrating at times. You know the story: You’ve purchased a new, unusual-looking specimen from a trendy plant store, you’ve vowed that this time, this plant, will thrive, only to find it’s went yellow/went brown/dried to a crisp/dropped all its leaves (delete as applicable) within a month…

After years of having a plethora of different houseplants in my home, I’ve finally come to the realisation that I should stick with what I know, and with the plants who seem to thrive in our particular home environment. It’s safe to say that the huge fiddle leaf fig that is taking over your friend’s sunny, south-facing apartment, will likely never survive in your more shady basement flat. Knowing what works in your space in key.

91 magazine the unkillables plant book 4 91 magazine
Photo: Caroline Rowland

As well as sticking to the plants you’ve had previous success with, you can also take advice from this new book from Beards and Daisies founder Jo Lambell – The Unkillables. The clue is in the name here – inside you’ll find Jo’s careful selection of plants that are pretty much impossible to kill.

91 magazine the unkillables plant book 3 91 magazine
Photo: Caroline Rowland

Jo’s plant by plant tips and tricks will ensure your hardy houseplants won’t just survive but thrive, with a spread dedicated to each plant, which is easy to look up when you need a helping hand. She talks through some of the basics and covers things like seasonal care, repotting and pruning. It is certainly one of the best plant books for those just starting out, or for those of us who have tried and failed a few too many times! Plus, if you’ve got a few existing ailing plants, then flip to the back where you’ll find some ‘first aid’ tips and ‘plant hacks’ which contains some really clever ideas.

sago palm scaled
Photo: Jemma Watts
New Plant Parent Bundle 91 magazine
Photo: Jemma Watts

Get your copy of The Unkillables on the Beards and Daisies website, and get more of Jo’s plant care tips in our Plant Happy feature in 91 Magazine.

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