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August 17, 2018 —

Three 91 creatives to follow – AUGUST

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As well as our fab editorial team, 91 is also made up of a network of talented contributors whose words and images are what bring the magazine to life. So, here I introduce you to a few of these people through mini interviews and a peek into their creative worlds… 

Lauren Becker – stylist

Lauren is an interiors & food stylist, who has styled for the magazine, blog & e-zine. Look out for her latest shoot in our next issue, out in October. @laurenbeckerstylist /

Lauren Becker - interiors & food stylist

Lauren Becker - interior & food stylist

Lauren Becker - interiors & food stylist

If you weren’t a stylist what would you be? 

I’m very passionate about environmental issues and sustainability so probably something to do with that.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

Oh gosh thats a tough one… 

  • @bymariandrew is a writer and illustrator who beautifully illustrates the ups and downs of life.
  • @misssarahglover an incredibly inspiring Australian chef who is all about cooking out in nature.
  • @signebay a beautifully curated account of moody images and a lovely colour palette.

Top styling tip?

Don’t be afraid of things not being perfect- so much beauty can be found in the unusual, the organic and in imperfections. The best interiors are those that look lived in and the best food looks edible. 

Favourite shop? 

Not exactly everyone’s price range, but incredibly inspiring and beautiful is Designers Guild and The Conran Shop. Closer to home, the little boutiques on Chatsworth Road are amazing! 

Favourite flower? 

Ranunculus- so many petals, so many colours

Favourite plant? 

Bougainvillea always amazes me with its vibrancy.

Favourite city?

Istanbul- lovely people, amazing street food and an inspiring mix of the old and the new 

Emma Lavelle – writer

Emma is a freelance writer who blogs about slow living and travel on her blog Field & Nest. She writes regularly for 91 and you will see some of her recent work in our current e-zine. @fieldandnest /

Emma Lavelle - freelance writer

Emma Lavelle - freelance writer

Emma Lavelle - freelance writer

If you weren’t a writer what would you be? 

A photographer or a florist. I’ve always loved photography just as much as I love to write, and I’ve recently started to branch out my freelance work to include photography. I’d also love to learn more about flowers & sometimes dream of opening my own florist shop.

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

This is such a hard question! At the moment I really love @babes_in_boyland and @laurenlsutton

Top tip for aspiring writers?

Write about what you want to write about, not what you think you should write about to get ahead. My first few years of freelancing, I had several clients that I really didn’t enjoy writing for. I’m now writing about subjects that interest me and enjoying my work much more. 

Favourite shop? 

I love Form Lifestyle in Manchester for beautiful objects from independent makers, and Olive Clothing, Toast & Off On Clothing for clothes. 

Favourite flower? 

Such a hard question, but probably dahlias. 

Favourite plant? 

I know it’s obvious, but I really love my monsteras. I love watching new leaves unfold.

Favourite city? 

Berlin or Copenhagen.

Fran Murphy – illustrator

Fran is an illustrator whose work has accompanied some “Ways of Living’ columns in recent issues of 91 Magazine. @fmurphyillustration /

Fran Murphy - illustrations for 91 Magazine

Fran Murphy illustration

Fran Murphy - illustrations for 91 Magazine

If you weren’t an illustrator what would you be? Art director, working with children in some kind of therapeutic role, holistic practitioner… I could go on!

Name 3 of your favourite instagrammers? 

  • @charlotte.ager Her work has a boldness and confidence which translates into incredible energy and movement.
  • @moirafrith For anyone interested in printmaking without a press. Her prints are really fresh and inspiring.
  • @molly.a.martin Such beautiful sketchbook work.

Top tip for getting illustration commissions? Perseverance, it takes time and patience to be successful in the illustration world. It can feel daunting at times, as it is such a competitive field. But the best advice I can give is just to keep at it. Another important practice is to keep a personal sketchbook, this is still something I struggle to do consistently. But the more time you spend drawing and figuring things out, the stronger your body of work will become, and as a result the more attractive it will be to potential commissioners.

Favourite shop? I love food and trying new recipes, so browsing the numerous specialist food shops in Brighton is my happy place.

Favourite flower? Iris, they are such elegant flowers.

Favourite plant?  Ficus Elastica (Rubber Plant) The leaves look like someone had painstakingly painted each one by hand, as the marks look akin to brush strokes.

Favourite city? Yet to be discovered!

Thanks ladies! Do give them a follow – I’m sure you’ll enjoy seeing their work on your feed as much as we do! 

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