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October 22, 2018 —

Seek Inspire Create with Team 91 – October

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Our ‘Seek Inspire Create’ theme started out as an Instagram hashtag which amazingly now has over 184K posts tagged with it! Do check it out – #seekinspirecreate – you might find some new accounts to follow. Our e-zine is also inspired by these words and – I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m hoping to launch some events next year also taking inspiration from it!

These occasional posts are to share what our team have been up to recently – what we have been seeking, being inspired by and creating… we hope you enjoy this little peek into our lives beyond 91….

Also, I’d like to intro you to our newest member of the 91 team; Sine Fleet has taken over from Kath as our sub editor. Sine has written a number of features for the magazine in the past and has previous experience editing and writing for other interiors magazines. Welcome Sine! 🙂

Little Natural Co, Lewes

The Little Natural Co. – Olivia Williams, brand manager

A friend and I took time out this month to walk and talk our way around Lewes. It’s such a hub for independent stores, perfect for seeking home inspiration and to purchase goodies. Imagine our joy stepping into the The Little Natural Concept store where design-led, ethical, natural and organic treasures collide. Their instagram grid is dreamy and the online boutique makes shopping super easy from any corner of the country.

Sezincote, house and gardens, North Cotswolds

Sezincote house and gardens, North Cotswolds – Sine Fleet, sub-editor

You perhaps don’t anticipate stumbling upon a 200-year old Mogul-style palace in the Cotswold countryside, but amazingly, this is where you’ll find one. At a loose end one autumn afternoon, I took a trip to Sezincote house, and its magical gardens brimming with exotic plants, grottoes and temples, pools and waterfalls.

The house – an onion-domed architectural folly in the ‘Indian Style’ – was the whim of Colonel John Cockerell, grandson of diarist Samuel Pepys. The building is rumoured to have inspired the design of the Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, after the Prince Regent visited in 1807.

Sezincote house and gardens are a visual feast, it’s certainly an atmospheric place to explore, and one that’s full of surprises.


WILDWOMAN subscription box – Shelley Welti, Marketing Manager

Ah, self-care. It’s a word that’s popping up here, there and everywhere at the moment. And while I’ve always loved the idea of taking time out for myself, the practicality of it, alongside juggling work, family and a social life, has just never been something I’ve been able to actually get to grips with. Sound familiar?! So, when a friend told me about her plans to launch WILDWOMAN – a monthly self-care subscription box, containing a self-development book and me-time goodies from indie businesses, so that women, just like me, can take dedicated time out for themselves each month, I knew I had to sign up! I’m now on box three and while the struggle for self-care is still very much real, I’ve been enjoying stealing stress-free moments here and there to read my self-development book, journal (using the helpful prompts) and just take time for me – without constantly thinking about the next thing on my seemingly never-ending to-do list! See more about WILDWOMAN here.

Frome Independent Market

Frome Independent Market – Caroline Rowland, editor

At the start of the month, my husband and I took ourselves down to Somerset to celebrate my birthday. We stayed the night in the charming town of Frome, well-known for it’s wealth of independent stores, including Resident, Bramble and Wild and Kobi and Teal. Unsurprisingly, it was right up my (shopping) street! The added bonus was that the weekend we visited coincided with the monthly Frome Independent Market which takes over most of the town. I really was in heaven as we explored the numerous stalls of indie makers and brands, followed by a browse in the flea market section, rounded off with some delicious street food. Birthday treats were acquired, including (another) plant from the lovely Botanica Studio, whose plants weren’t overpriced and came with a handwritten care card, specific to each plant. Next market is 4th November.

Royal Academy

October has always been my favourite month of the year. I love everything about it; from the pumpkin spice decaf lattes, to the falling red leaves and the anticipation of Halloween approaching. There seems to be a whole plethora of events going on around London. I decided to go to the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Psychobarn installation by Cornelia Parker. The piece was incredible and so intricately done. Afterwards, I decided to go to Fortnum and Masons for some of their amazing vanilla and nougat tea. I was amazed by their carefully curated Halloween displays. I couldn’t believe I had never come in October and this will definitely become a new tradition of mine.

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